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bizSAFE e-Services
Tripartite Alliance Limited (TAL)'s Privacy Policy statement
By filling up this registration form, you will be deemed to have provided explicit personal consent or, where applicable, obtained third party consent, to provide information, including Personal Data to TAL. You also provide personal or representative consent to this information disclosure by any or both of us to the following parties and to subsequent disclosure among same parties of any and all information including, without limitation, Personal Data that may have been possessed or collected in connection with your information, report, dispute or claims:

a. Tripartite Alliance Limited;
b. Appropriate government regulatory bodies or public agencies (including inter alia, the MOM and the State Courts);
c. Authorised parties (including inter alia, employers, SNEF, NTUC or any other union, NTUC U Care Centre and Migrant Workers’ Centre);
d. Any third party engaged to maintain, repair or enhance this website or otherwise perform services (such as customer research/surveys) for us for any purpose deemed appropriate by any or both of us.

For more information on TAL's Privacy Policy, please refer to the link here: 
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